Hard Knox Part 4

By | May 28, 2015

Paddy O’Brian and McKensie Cross star in this hard hitting hardcore movie by Men.com for ‘Men Of UK.’
‘Hard Knox ‘has been one of the most compelling hardcore series to reach our screens for a very long time. It has a thrilling story line to go along with the great and exciting sex, and the hunky stars too of course!

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The story so far, for those of you who haven’t seen it yet: Paddy O’Brian has been released from jail after being in there for six years. When he first came out he was picked up by the same cop who helped put him away. He wants to help Paddy get his own back on his old boss, Eric. Paddy listens to the idea and seems interested. They go back to the cop’s house and have great sex. The next day He is taken to see Eric where Paddy O’Brian whispers something to Eric, and Eric has one of his men shoot the cop dead. Eric tells him to go to a friend’s house and stay there for a while, which he does. Paddy fucks the guy he finds there, not knowing he is being set up, but when he realizes this he shoots him too, and does a runner with the killers hot on his heels. He shoots them all except for one man, Dakota Rice, and after a hot and sweaty sex session, Paddy leaves him telling he shall be back and they will make a new life together once he has sorted Eric out.
Got all that? Good.
Paddy O’Brian is exclusive to gaypornstarstube.xxx/ and has been in sixty seven amazing hardcore movies with them so far. His most popular flick has been ‘Top To Bottom Part 2’ also starring Topher DiMaggio, which has been seen by over 87,000 men. This is no surprise when you check Paddy O’Brian out. Paddy is all muscle which is kept strong by working out in the gym and some kick boxing. He is a top, with a seven inch cut dick. He has short brown hair and hazel eyes; he weighs 165 pounds and is five foot eight inches tall.

McKensie Cross has a lithe body which helps him get into certain positions other people wouldn’t be able to reach. He is a versatile slut of a man with an eight inch uncut cock, and has blonde hair and blue eyes. This is his fourth movie with Men.com and his first one was ‘Disconnected’, with Paul Walker; this has been viewed 21,000 times since it was made last year.
This fourth episode starts off with Paddy ‘O’Brian catching up with Eric in an old cinema. Paddy pulls a gun on him but Eric persuades him not to shoot him. He tells Paddy that he was getting too big for his job. He thought Paddy was after his place in the pecking order. Eric and Paddy come to an arrangement and that Paddy is going to go back to work for him after all.

In the next scene another man, Mc Kensie Cross, walks up to Paddy in a public toilet and puts a gun to his head. He tells Paddy that he has ruined everything. He and Alexis (who Paddy killed earlier) were going to rip off the main man, Eric’s boss for loads of money and do a runner. He tells Paddy he wants him to help him get the money off him and that they will go 50-50, The meeting happens and after a big shoot out, Eric, and his boss get killed.
Paddy agrees and they start to kiss. They start to strip and paddy gets McKensie Cross to get on his knees and to suck his cock. Being an eager slut, he doesn’t need telling twice. Paddy thrusts his cock in and out of him, almost making him choke.

McKensie turns around and, after Paddy has slapped his ass a few times, he feels Paddy’s dick sliding all the way in, right up to his tight ball sack. McKenzie moans as his tight ass gets a good drilling as Paddy punishes his hole standing up.
McKenzie then gets on his back and pumps his cock up and down and, whilst Paddy still fucks him, his cum shoots out and splatters his face, chest and stomach. Paddy cums almost straight away, his spunk mingling with McKenzie Cross’s.
Once dressed, Paddy O’Brian shoots McKenzie and takes off with the money! He takes it to his lover, Dakota Rice, and they start their new life together.

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