Pirates : A Gay XXX Parody Part 2

Pirates: A Gay XXX Parody Part 2 stars all exclusive star to Men.com, Paddy O’Brian, with Colton Grey. This hardcore gay porn vid has been filmed by Men.com, and it has been released by Drill My Hole. The Stars Colton Grey is a cute young guy with a smooth lean body that has a few tattoos, and a… Read More »

Dream Fucker Part 1

Dream Fucker Part 1 stars new hunk, Francois Sagat, and all exclusive star to Men.com, Paddy O’Brian. This gay porn movie has been filmed by MEN and released by Drill My Hole, which is part of Men’s famous network. Download Video: MP4 Two hot gay men fucking eachother Francois Sagat is new to Men.com, and he really is… Read More »

The Day Before Part 1

‘The Day Before Part 1’ is just one of the latest hardcore gay porn movies that has been filmed and released by ‘Drill My Hole.’ This movie stars Brenner Bolton an all exclusive star to the best gay porn online site, and Paddy O’Brian who are both internationally famous. The Porn Stars In This Episode Paddy O’Brian is… Read More »

Naked Promotion

Here’s yet another great hardcore movie from ‘MOUK Men of UK.’ They roll out one great movie after another and this is no exception. This is one everyone will be able to get to grips with. It’s a fantastic horny trip down memory lane. How well, and why, can you remember the best sex of your life? For… Read More »

Hard Knox Part 4

Paddy O’Brian and McKensie Cross star in this hard hitting hardcore movie by Men.com for ‘Men Of UK.’ ‘Hard Knox ‘has been one of the most compelling hardcore series to reach our screens for a very long time. It has a thrilling story line to go along with the great and exciting sex, and the hunky stars too… Read More »

The Professional

In ‘The Professional,’ Men Of UK show you an obsessed man’s personal and professional life in London. The movie is made by Men.com and stars Paddy O’Brian and Blue Moores. Paddy O’Brian is a thirty year old hunky man who lives on his own in Central London, England. He likes order and can’t stand chaos. Everything has to… Read More »

Hard Knox Part 3

‘Men Of UK’ have got one of the most exciting thrill rides of a hardcore porn movie around, it’s bought to them by Men.com. This is the third episode with an exciting storyline as well as amazing sex scenes, and as usual the quality is of the highest standard, with the best sound. It is starring Paddy O’brian,… Read More »

Hard Knox Part 1

If you are going to look at ‘Men Of UK’ you have to look at anything with Paddy O’Brian in. He is in hot demand, but he is exclusive to Men.com. He has an amazing London accent which everyone loves and gets turned on by. He has a great reputation, not only is he a natural actor but… Read More »

Men In Ibiza Part 1

It looks like Drill My Hole has gone on holiday, not that these guys take time off for very long. If they are on holiday then they are in Ibiza, and are working while they are there. I am keen to see part two of this new series and I haven’t even told you about part one yet!… Read More »