Aug 14 2015

Naked Promotion

Here’s yet another great hardcore movie from ‘MOUK Men of UK.’ They roll out one great movie after another and this is no exception. This is one everyone will be able to get to grips with. It’s a fantastic horny trip down memory lane. How well, and why, can you remember the best sex of your life? For Paddy o´Brian is obvious why he remembers his best time. It just might have been yours too, if you had been to the gym that day.
Paddy o´Brian. If you are an avid watcher of ‘Men of UK’ productions (and if you aren’t, I am certain you soon will be after watching this, and many more, of their flicks), will remember his red hair, beard, and muscular street look. You will also remember when tattooed hunk Johnny Hazzard made him moan with excitement as he sat on his six and a half inch cock, in ‘Men Of Anarchy part 2,’ though he has made many other horny movies too.
In this one, Paddy o´Brian is working out on the gym when he can’t but help notice the flexible, hot Columbian Mark Sanz doing some seriously hot yoga stretches behind him. If you have seen Mark Sanz before you will not have forgotten him, I’m sure. He is the handsome young hunk from ‘Hard Knox’ parts 4. Older men get a crush on him wherever he goes, and younger men just want to be him. It’s not surprising considering he has these college-boy looks, a smooth muscular chest, and an uncut seven inch dick, oh, and that extremely fuckable tight ass.
Paddy o´Brian finds it hard to concentrate as he watches Mark Sanz shoving his firm ass up in the air with his nose to the ground, doing his ‘downward dog’ poses. It doesn’t take long before Paddy can’t concentrate on what he is doing. He quickly gets an aching erection, and needs to do something about It. Mark Sanz sees him looking at him, and looks into his beautiful blue eyes. They smile at each other, and feel they have connected, and so soon go back to Mark’s house for some fun. And here’s where they find out exactly how flexible each other really is.
These two are like a couple of acrobats once they get going. Paddy o´Brian balances Mark on his hands and knees. Mark bends over backwards and they begin to kiss each other’s hungry wet lips. Paddy then does a perfect balance on his head, whilst Mark pulls his shorts from him, gets down on his knees, and sucks on Paddy’s hard cock where he takes it all the way to the back of his young throat. His cock sucking is so good that Paddy can’t keep balanced any longer. He stands upright and let’s Mark’s sweet tasting lips wrap themselves eagerly around his cock once more.
This movie gets hotter and hotter as it carries on. Young Mark continues to prove how flexible he is by bending right over as Paddy pulls his tight shorts down. Mark, still bent over, pulls his arms around the other guy so Paddy can poke his wet tongue deep into his tight, sensitive crack. They both moan and groan in heated excitement as he soaks it with his saliva, and then slides two fingers straight in without any resistance.
Staying bent over, Mark tells Paddy o´Brian to fuck him. He doesn’t need to be told twice. He slides his cock all the way in until Mark can feel his pubes graze against his dripping wet hole. Paddy slaps his ass a couple of times which makes Mark moan out even louder into the room.
Paddy takes his cock out after a while so he can suck on Mark Sanz’s stiff cock. Mark lies on his back and brings his knees up to his knees. Paddy gets so excited that he plunges his aching hardness deep back into his loosened up hole and bangs him hard and fast.
The finale is so hot. Just watch this amazing scene as Mark’s ass hole twitches as Paddy shoots his hot load all over Mark’s ass, hand, and nut sack.
Mark then stands up, strokes on his own cock, and rewards Paddy o´Brian by cuming onto his waiting tongue and red beard. Paddy stands up, and they kiss each other lovingly, leaving Mark Sanz with the taste of his own cum in his beautiful young mouth.

May 28 2015

Hard Knox Part 4

Paddy O’Brian and McKensie Cross star in this hard hitting hardcore movie by for ‘Men Of UK.’
‘Hard Knox ‘has been one of the most compelling hardcore series to reach our screens for a very long time. It has a thrilling story line to go along with the great and exciting sex, and the hunky stars too of course!

Download Video: MP4

The story so far, for those of you who haven’t seen it yet: Paddy O’Brian has been released from jail after being in there for six years. When he first came out he was picked up by the same cop who helped put him away. He wants to help Paddy get his own back on his old boss, Eric. Paddy listens to the idea and seems interested. They go back to the cop’s house and have great sex. The next day He is taken to see Eric where Paddy O’Brian whispers something to Eric, and Eric has one of his men shoot the cop dead. Eric tells him to go to a friend’s house and stay there for a while, which he does. Paddy fucks the guy he finds there, not knowing he is being set up, but when he realizes this he shoots him too, and does a runner with the killers hot on his heels. He shoots them all except for one man, Dakota Rice, and after a hot and sweaty sex session, Paddy leaves him telling he shall be back and they will make a new life together once he has sorted Eric out.
Got all that? Good.
Paddy O’Brian is exclusive to and has been in sixty seven amazing hardcore movies with them so far. His most popular flick has been ‘Top To Bottom Part 2’ also starring Topher DiMaggio, which has been seen by over 87,000 men. This is no surprise when you check Paddy O’Brian out. Paddy is all muscle which is kept strong by working out in the gym and some kick boxing. He is a top, with a seven inch cut dick. He has short brown hair and hazel eyes; he weighs 165 pounds and is five foot eight inches tall.

McKensie Cross has a lithe body which helps him get into certain positions other people wouldn’t be able to reach. He is a versatile slut of a man with an eight inch uncut cock, and has blonde hair and blue eyes. This is his fourth movie with and his first one was ‘Disconnected’, with Paul Walker; this has been viewed 21,000 times since it was made last year.
This fourth episode starts off with Paddy ‘O’Brian catching up with Eric in an old cinema. Paddy pulls a gun on him but Eric persuades him not to shoot him. He tells Paddy that he was getting too big for his job. He thought Paddy was after his place in the pecking order. Eric and Paddy come to an arrangement and that Paddy is going to go back to work for him after all.

In the next scene another man, Mc Kensie Cross, walks up to Paddy in a public toilet and puts a gun to his head. He tells Paddy that he has ruined everything. He and Alexis (who Paddy killed earlier) were going to rip off the main man, Eric’s boss for loads of money and do a runner. He tells Paddy he wants him to help him get the money off him and that they will go 50-50, The meeting happens and after a big shoot out, Eric, and his boss get killed.
Paddy agrees and they start to kiss. They start to strip and paddy gets McKensie Cross to get on his knees and to suck his cock. Being an eager slut, he doesn’t need telling twice. Paddy thrusts his cock in and out of him, almost making him choke.

McKensie turns around and, after Paddy has slapped his ass a few times, he feels Paddy’s dick sliding all the way in, right up to his tight ball sack. McKenzie moans as his tight ass gets a good drilling as Paddy punishes his hole standing up.
McKenzie then gets on his back and pumps his cock up and down and, whilst Paddy still fucks him, his cum shoots out and splatters his face, chest and stomach. Paddy cums almost straight away, his spunk mingling with McKenzie Cross’s.
Once dressed, Paddy O’Brian shoots McKenzie and takes off with the money! He takes it to his lover, Dakota Rice, and they start their new life together.

May 04 2015

The Professional

In ‘The Professional,’ Men Of UK show you an obsessed man’s personal and professional life in London. The movie is made by and stars Paddy O’Brian and Blue Moores.
Paddy O’Brian is a thirty year old hunky man who lives on his own in Central London, England. He likes order and can’t stand chaos. Everything has to be perfectly clean and straight in his house, and in his life. Paddy has always taken care of himself, he has a great body and it shows that he works out every day, and follows up by using different creams on his face and body. His body is his temple; he is very careful of what he eats and drinks. He wears a suit every day, and when he looks at everyone else around him he puts himself above them, he classes himself better than them. At the end of the day, he goes home, making sure he still looks good, he makes his way down to his basement.

Download Video: MP4

His basement has been turned into a dungeon and waiting for him in a cell is his obedient slave, Blue Moores. He has been there for two weeks. Blue asks him to touch him, so Paddy puts his arms through the iron bars and pulls his head towards him, kissing him full on the lips. Paddy tells him to keep on calling him sir and lets him out of his cage, always speaking to him in a firm but quiet voice that hides a menacing threat to always do as he is told. Paddy is trying to give the man some kind of order in his otherwise chaotic life.
Paddy orders Blue to kneel down and wait while he closes the cell door. He tells him to take his trousers off; he wants to see him naked. He tells him to pull on his nipples as he watches while he takes his clothes off slowly and hangs his clothes up in an orderly manner. Paddy orders him to play with his own cock, he wants to see it grow, and get hard. Blue, then gets on his hands and knees and turns around, on Paddy’s orders, and, as he spreads his butt cheeks wide open, he fingers his own tight asshole. Paddy stands in front of him and gets Blue to lick and suck his excited cock.
Blue Moores and Paddy O'Brian
Paddy O’Brian kneels behind him once his cock is rock hard and plunges his aching hard erection deep into his tight asshole. He makes Blue beg for his cock which he does. Paddy loves the feel of Blue Moores’ tight asshole wrapped around his invading cock, and slaps his butt cheek a few times as he drills him hard and fast doggy style.
Paddy screws his asshole in different positions on the floor, and then gets him to suck his cock again, eventually pounding his cock into his crack in the missionary position. Blue Moores is continually shouting out, ‘Thank you sir, oh, thank you sir!’ as he jerks his cock up and down in time with the hard thrusting. With one more ‘Thank you sir!’ Blue cums all over his stomach. Paddy O’Brian pulls his cock out and spills his spunk over Blue’s powerful thigh and empty ball sack.
paddy obrian gay porn
Paddy gets dressed and walks back upstairs leaving his slave lying on the floor with cum dribbling down his body and onto the floor below him.
Paddy O’Brian is exclusive to and is one of the leading, and much sought after men in the gay porn industry. He has a natural flair for acting and his London accent is a big turn on for many men. He has starred in sixty eight hardcore movies with which includes the popular series ‘Hard Knox’ where he has just come out of prison and is out for revenge. He fucks his way to see his old boss again and then he sets about his blood thirsty revenge. Paddy has an awesome body with a great six pack. He is a top with a seven inch cut dick, is five foot eight and has brown hair and soft hazel eyes.
paddy softcore
In Contrast to paddy O’Brian, this is Blue Moores’ first porn movie with He is a cute versatile bottom with a wonderful tight ass and a seven and a half inch uncut cock. Blue is five foot nine, weighs 159 pounds and has brown hair and black eyes. Keep an eye on this young man, I am sure we will see a lot more of him in many hardcore gay movies.

Apr 20 2015

Hard Knox Part 3

Men Of UK’ have got one of the most exciting thrill rides of a hardcore porn movie around, it’s bought to them by This is the third episode with an exciting storyline as well as amazing sex scenes, and as usual the quality is of the highest standard, with the best sound. It is starring Paddy O’brian, who is exclusive to, and it’s introducing Dakota Vice.

Download Video: MP4

Paddy O’Brian has got that kind of shredded body that everyone is after. He is a lean mean fighting machine with great natural acting abilities and a seven inch cut dick that seems to be forever hard. When Paddy isn’t fucking a nice bit of tight ass, he still thinks about it and takes things into his own hands. Paddy is an exciting top with short brown hair and hazel eyes, and is five foot eight inches tall and weighs 165 pounds. Paddy O’Brian has been in sixty six hardcore flicks with including the popular ‘P.O.W’ episodes parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 which have been seen by over an incredible 120,000 members.
paddy obrian
Dakota Vice is a fit, hairy bear of a man with dark fur all over his tight body. He is a versatile bottom with a seven inch cut cock. He has brown hair with sparkling green eyes. He is five foot nine inches tall and weighs 175 pounds. This is his first hardcore flick and he is happy to try anything or anybody at least once or twice.
The opening scene of this episode is fast, furious and action packed. Paddy O’Brian wakes up next to Alexis Belfort, an old friend he fucked the night before. The reason he is there is because his old boss, Eric, has told him to go there until he needs him. Eric is a fearless boss of a hard, criminal gang and was partly responsible for Paddy being in jail for six years.
men of uk
Paddy asks Alexis who he was on the phone to last night. Alexis doesn’t answer and goes to open his door. Paddy pulls out a gun and gives Alexis a warning not to come any closer. Alexis moves and Paddy shoots him dead. He realizes he is in trouble and makes a run for it. Three masked men, who have been sent to kill him, run after him.
Paddy shoots two of the men dead and pulls the mask off the third man. It’s another of his old work colleagues, Dakota Vice. With a gun facing him, Dakota Vice tells Paddy that it was Eric who sent him there to kill him. Paddy threatens him and grabs his cock at the same time. They move into another room and start to kiss.

Dakota goes down on his knees and sucks Paddy O’Brian’s hard dick as Paddy thrusts it backwards and forwards between his lips. Paddy turns Dakota around and bends him over. He spreads Dakota’s hairy ass cheeks apart and spits right onto his tight crack a few times. He stands back up and tells Dakota to get his ass ready for him while he rolls on a condom. Dakota fingers his slippery hole and gets himself ready. Paddy slides his cock all the way in without any problem. He drills his tight hole hard and fast making Dakota moan out with excitement. They change positions and Dakota uses three fingers to fuck himself whilst Paddy watches.
After Dakota sucks on Paddy O’Brian’s cock for a while, Paddy fucks him in the missionary position. Dakota can’t hold back and spills his spunk on his stomach. Feeling himself close to cumming, Paddy moves up to Dakota’s chest and jerks on his cock until he sends streams of his sizzling hot spunk all over his dark fur.
After they have finished Dakota Vice tries to tell Paddy to stay away from Eric, but Paddy isn’t having any of it. He wants his revenge, and he will get it, even if it kills him…

Mar 18 2015

Paddy O’Brian in Hard Knox Part 2

Here’s a fantastic exclusive from Men dot com made for ‘Men Of UK.’ In part 1 of this thrilling series, Paddy O’Brian has been released from jail. He gets picked up by Bruno Bernal who is an ex-cop and is told that they are going to get revenge his old boss, Eric. Paddy likes the sound of it and goes along with the idea but before he does, he and Bruno have sex in a shabby apartment.
The second episode starts off with Paddy O’Brian lying down on the bed just after having sex with Bruno Bernal.

Download Video: MP4

He is feeling good after having his first fuck in years. The smell of fresh man-cum still fills the air when Bruno pulls a gun on Paddy telling him he wants to renegotiate his 60-40 split. Paddy O’Brian stands up and tells Bruno it’s not going to look good with a dead ex-con in his flat. Bruno tells him he still wants to renegotiate the deal. Paddy manages to take his gun away from him; they calm down and go to a pub where they see Eric and his henchmen getting nasty with the owner. Paddy speaks quietly to Eric and before you know it, the henchman shoots Bruno right in the head. Eric welcomes him into the pack and tells him to get over to Alexis Belfort’s pad and have something to eat.
Hard Knox Part 2
Paddy O’Brian is one of the top exclusive men for and it’s not hard to see why. He has an amazing strong body with handsome looks, and that’s not forgetting his sexy London accent. He has been in an amazing sixty five movies with which include the hot series ‘The Abbey parts 1, 2 and 3’ and the popular ‘Howl’ series parts 1, 2 and 4, amongst many others. Paddy is a top with a seven inch cut cock. He has short cropped brown hair and hazel eyes. He is five foot eight and weighs 165 pounds.
This is Alexis Belfort’s first hardcore flick with but he starts off with a great partner. He has an athletic body with sultry good looks. He is a versatile bottom with a seven inch uncut dick. He is five foot eight with black hair and brown eyes.
paddy obrian porn
The next scene in this amazing movie has Paddy O’Brian finishing off his takeaway whilst Alexis Belfort carries on working next to him. Paddy asks him if he has a partner yet and tells him to come down and sit with him. He tells Alexis that he has missed him, he puts his hand on his leg and tells him to come closer. Paddy starts to kiss him gently and peels his top from him.
This may be Alexis Belfort’s first hardcore movie but he has certainly sucked a lot of cocks before, you can tell. He gets Paddy moaning with pleasure almost straight away as he goes down and starts to give him a mind-blowing blow job. Paddy fucks his mouth back as Alexis strokes on his own cock.
paddy obrian videos
Paddy pulls Alexis’ pants off him and, as Alexis lays down on his front, Paddy slaps his ass and fingers his tight asshole. He slaps his asshole with his cock, getting Alexis excited about what is to come, and then he slides it all the way in. The room is hot and they start to moan out with animal lust as Paddy drill’s his crack harder and faster, doggy style.
Paddy O’Brian fucks him till his asshole is red raw and he spills his pearly white cum over his body. Paddy moves up and kneels in front of Alexis Belfort’s bearded face. He jerks himself off, cumming all over his face.
The next scene shows Alexis phone ringing. He answers it but doesn’t say anything to Paddy. It’s Eric, Paddy’s old boss. He tells Alexis that he feels something dodgy is going on with Paddy so he’s sending a few men around his house to sort him out…
Don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see the next episode to see what happens to who, and to find out who will be the next one to get fucked by Paddy O’Brian.

Mar 13 2015

Hard Knox Part 1

If you are going to look at ‘Men Of UK’ you have to look at anything with Paddy O’Brian in. He is in hot demand, but he is exclusive to He has an amazing London accent which everyone loves and gets turned on by. He has a great reputation, not only is he a natural actor but he has got one of the best, and certainly hottest, bodies in the industry. He manages to play at being something of a hard nut, mixed with a good heart, better than some of the big names in Hollywood. He is in his perfect job as he counts wanking and having sex as his hobbies. Good healthy hobbies if you ask me. Paddy is five foot eight inches tall and weighs a healthy 165 pounds.

Download Video: MP4

He has short cropped brown eyes and sexy hazel eyes. He is an incredible top with a seven inch cut dick. He has starred in sixty four flicks with which include the hardcore series ‘P.O.W Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4.’ And also the ‘Men In Ibiza Parts 1, 2 3 and 4.’ Both of these have done well with a whole load of you horny men watching them with your dicks in your hands.
His partner in crime in this first episode of ‘Hard Knox’ is Bruno Bernal. Bruno is a pint sized god, as this cutie stands at five foot four and is all muscle, and has a most fantastic fuckable ass – which you can see for yourselves. He has black hair and puppy dog brown eyes. He is versatile with a seven inch cut dick. This is his third movie so far. His first one ‘The Law Of Men Part 2’ where he gets fucked by the lucky Paul Walker.
This exciting movie starts off inside prison. A prison officer tells Paddy O’Brian that he has done his time and will be released later that day. A man goes to attack Paddy but he knocks him down without any problem, and Paddy leaves the room after giving him a warming. He changes out of his orange prison uniform into his civvies and walks out of the gates, he hopes for good. A car pulls up and Bruno Bernal tells him to get in. Paddy O’Brian tells him he isn’t used to getting lifts from ‘coppers.’ Bruno tells him that it wasn’t an invite, and orders him once again into the car. Bruno tells him that he is taking him to see his old boss. Paddy asks him if he is working for him now. Bruno says no, Paddy’s ex-boss was the one that helped put him away in prison. Bruno has an idea that will fuck his old boss over once and for all, and make them money in the process. He takes him back to his flat and Paddy once more asks him what he wants. Looking into his eyes tells him what he wants… and they begin to kiss.
Bruno gets his clothes off and lies on the bed, on his front, sucking on Paddy’s stiff erection. Paddy enjoys the heat from his mouth and slaps his tight muscular ass a few times. They slap each other’s chests, and Bruno carries on sucking on that hard dick as Paddy spits between Bruno’s hard ass cheeks and gives him a quick finger fuck.
Bruno gets onto all fours and Paddy gets behind him. Bruno moans with excitement as Paddy pushes his cock into his ass crack hard and fast. Their hot bodies sweat as Paddy O’Brian fucks him hard the whole time. They change positions a few times but Paddy never slows down as he rams his cock deep into him. Laying on his back, Bruno opens his mouth just in time as Paddy’s cum sprays all over his eager lips. He rubs on his own cock with Paddy squeezing his balls together. With one last groan Bruno Bernal shoots his hot spunk onto his sweating body.
This is a great hardcore flick with nonstop action. We can’t wait to see you what Paddy will do next, and with whom.

Feb 12 2015

Body Locking Part 1

Posted by pob in Flex, Men Of Uk, Paddy oBrian

‘Men Of UK’ are proud to show of Paddy O’Brian in this hardcore flick made by Men dot com. Paddy O’Brian is exclusive to Men dot com and has been in sixty two movies so far. This is no surprise as only have the best, and boy! Paddy certainly is one hunk of a man. One look at this heavenly body tells you he spends a lot of time keeping fit. His beautiful body is firm and ripped. He is a top with a seven inch cut dick. He has short brown hair, mesmerizing hazel eyes, and his favorite hobbies including wanking, sex, and lots of it, which is good for us mere mortals. His most watched movie is ‘Top To Bottom Part 2’ starring Topher Maggio which has been viewed 85,922. That’s one hell of a lot of people. If you haven’t checked this guy out, now is your chance to see him and plenty more horny actors enjoying their work for your pleasure.

Download Video:

In this hot flick Paddy has been joined by the hunky and horny Flex. Flex is a relative newcomer to this production company and has only been in one other flick so far with That is “Good Morning Love’ with Denis Vega. The movie had over 14,000 members watch Flex’s first time in porn; that’s pretty impressive in my book. He is a versatile top with a seven inch uncut cock. He has black hair and brown ‘come to bed’ eyes. This man is one to watch out for in the future. Just watch this movie to find out what he is all about, and you won’t be disappointed.

Paddy O’Brian is only wearing a pair of shorts as he works out in the kickboxing ring. This is no acting, he really can kickbox. He looks great as his muscles rip as he moves around. He is stressed out and finds he can’t concentrate. He says he has a lot of pressure so his partner, Flex, massages his shoulders and tells him to relax. Paddy tells him he hasn’t has sex in four weeks and that he has hardly slept. Flex gets in the ring with him and puts a hand on his shoulder. Paddy looks into his eyes and smiles at him. Flex peels off his tight vest and they kiss in the corner on the ring.

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As they stand there kissing, their hands begin to wander, and caress the other one’s tight firm body. Paddy O’Brian puts one hand down Flex’s pants and grabs his ass whilst he squeezes his small, dark brown nipple. Flex slides his hand up and down Paddy’s body and takes a good grip of Paddy’s thickening dick.
Flex gets on his knees and sucks eagerly on Paddy’s erect dick, taking it to the back of his throat every time. Paddy loves it, and wants more, but he also wants to please Flex. He gets flex to bend over and, spreading his ass wide open, he slithers his tongue like a snake, in and out of his tight, hairy crack while enjoying the sounds of excitement escaping from Flex’s lips.
Making sure his asshole is wet inside, and outside, Paddy O’Brian rolls on a condom, and with Flex still bent over, he slides his stiff dick easily deep into his warm moist asshole. Paddy goes faster and faster making them both hold on tight to the ropes around the ring to keep their balance.

As they change positions, Flex can’t hold back and spurts his fresh hot Jizz all over his hairy six pack. Paddy O’Brian moves up to his face and sends big globs of his thick white Jizz all over Flex’s wet lips and trimmed beard.
This is a great video, one to watch over and over again and you can find on via a signup where thousands of men come to view – and view to cum.

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Jan 09 2015

Forbidden Part 3

Men of UK are going for a threesome in the third part of ‘Forbidden’ their on-going series about things that should definitely not go on in the confessional at church. Actually, things don’t happen in the church but in the nearby stores and warehouses where the naughty Father takes his young men to help them with their sexual problems. In this series it’s the UK’s number one porn model, Paddy O’Brian, who takes the lead as the frolicking father and in this particular episode he is joined by Tony Milan and John Fink.

Download Video:

We saw Tony Milan in part two of this series not so long ago. He’s the Italian looking guy with tanned skin, a great physique and a neat seven and a half inch uncut cock. But who is John Fink? He’s a new guy to the site and this is his first video. He’s also got tanned and dark looks and a very impressive cock, he’s also uncut and he also has brown eyes so he and Tony have a few things in common. And as for Paddy O’Brian, well, he shouldn’t need any introduction. He’s made 61 scenes for and has been working for them exclusively for over two years now, starting off in June 2012 with Isaac Jones in a scene for Men Of UK; he has appeared on various other sites for too, and is one of their more regularly appearing models.
Now then, if you saw ‘Forbidden part 2’ you will remember that while the hot hardcore action was going on inside the warehouse, there was a guy outside looking in and we had no idea who he was. Well, it looks like that might have been John Fink, and when part three starts there’s another guy outside the warehouse sneaking about. But that’s not John Fink, he is already inside with Paddy and Tony and, when we make an entrance, the guys are already feeling each other up. Paddy is clearly in charge, he’s in the middle of a three-kisser sandwich and he’s the first to start undressing. Here comes that toned chest of his, that flat stomach and here come two pairs of hands to explore it. Slowly, bit by bit, the trousers come down and those hands start to explore more intimate paces. And all the while there’s the voyeur outside looking in and now starting to play with his own cock; but we still can’t see who it is.

Before long, inside, we’ve got all three guys naked with Paddy O’Brian checking out the hot ass of Tony Milan while he pays lip and mouth attention to the rock hard cock of John Fink. The threesome is well underway when Paddy and John swap places and Tony gives some of the lush head action to Paddy while John eats out his ass instead. But Paddy is the boss, and so he is the first to get to slide his rigid pole into Tony Milan’s hot hole, and from then on it’s a case of hard fucking while Tony is bent over the bench and John Fink is fucking his mouth. Things heat up and move on, they get louder, and faster as Paddy then fucks John Fink while he sucks on Tony Milan’s cock.

The two guys take it in turns to ride Paddy O’Brian’s famous dick, one after the other sitting on it and taking its full length into their asses. And meanwhile, still outside and looking in, we find out who our voyeur is. It’s none other than new twink on the block Jake Bass (check out ‘Men of Anarchy part 3’ for his debut). He’s there up at the window watching as the hunky guys inside start to shoot their loads into each other’s mouths and over each other’s bodies. That leaves us wondering if sexy twink Jake Bass might be appearing in part four. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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Dec 23 2014

The Abbey Part 3

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It was just over one year ago (as I write) in December 2013 that Jace Tyler appeared on our screens. He made his debut in a Gods Of Men movie, ‘Early Riser’ alongside, and underneath, Eric Star. Since then he’s gone on to make a few other movies with (and possibly elsewhere) and has appeared with Gabriel Clarke a couple of times, and a few other of the top models who work for this outstanding network. But so far he’s not really played with the big guns, he’s not been set up with any of the huge names, that is, until today. Here he is in a scene with the legend Paddy O’Brian and it’s a hot one, and it’s from Men Of UK.

Download Video:

And it is part of ‘The Abbey’ series, episode three (season one?). This series is set among the high-class, upper-class, upstairs and posh of good old Blighty, and plays out the inter-class stories perfectly. There are under stairs butlers and footmen having shady pasts to share with the tight lipped, tight-assed upper class above stairs, the younger and sexy lords of the manor. And there is all the sexiness that comes from the tight-back butler’s outfits, the sexy and good looking British boys fresh from public school, and the sounds of the accents.

The Abby part three starts with ‘Stephen’ the eldest son of the lord of the manor, being driven by his chauffeur, Tom, played by Paddy O’Brian. It’s a bit out of the blue but Tom is in favour of same sex rights and social equality, and starts calling the young master Stephen, which leads to him calling him Tom and the two guys bond. That comes in handy as, a little later, Jace Tyler comes to find Paddy O’Brian in the garage after dinner (where his talk of same sex rights didn’t go down well apparently). Paddy is topless as he cleans the car and, when he puts his hands on Jace Tyler, this scene changes. But it can’t happen! Not only is it wrong for two men in this period to be together (see E.M. Forster for the real deal) but it’s across the classes. But hey! It’s equality all round when the guys start to grapple with each other and the flood gates of sexual repression are opened up.

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And so it all comes pouring out for Jace Tyler and Paddy O’Brian. Class distinctions are forgotten, as the guys grasp each other’s hard cocks and the young master goes down on the chauffeur. And then the chauffeur becomes bolder and takes more liberties and starts to explore the lord’s ass and, before we’re even half way through the runtime of this wonderful fantasy, Jace Tyler is getting right royally butt-fucked by the London lad, Paddy O’Brian. He’s got his bent over in the garage, he’s fucking his ass and slapping his ass cheeks, the young master still in his white dinner shirt. But you can tell Jace Tyler is loving this, his cock is rock solid, all eight inches of it as he rides Paddy’s pole on the Chesterfield and the two guys sweat and grunt their way through so many different positions.

They break off every now and then so Jace can suck wildly on Paddy’s cock some more; it’s like the upper class can’t get enough of the working class dick. And then they fuck some more, and things get wild and loud and non-stop until Paddy pulls out and dumps his load on Jace. Jace Tyler can’t hold back either and, grappling with his cock as his balls ride up, he shoots a thick wad over himself. ‘The Abbey’ is turning into one hell of a hot series; don’t miss it!

Apr 22 2014

Voyeur Part 1 with Damien Crosse and Paddy O’Brian

Voyeur is a series from Men Of UK a top site that takes British and American porn studs and puts them together in exclusive and original movies. In this one we are in at the start of an adventure and the opening episode stars British hunk Paddy O’Brian and tattooed stud Damien Crosse. This series of scenes is about obsession, about one guy stalking another and it builds to a great climax. As is usual for, who made the scene, there are characters and stories so it is not just going to gratuitous sex. But how does this story start? Well, that’s’ what we’re about to find out.

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It starts with a voice over and great imagery, like some kind of top quality Hollywood production. The voice tells us that this is a story of a voyeur… and we cut to Paddy answering the phone. He’s a photographer working from home when he gets a note pushed through his door, it reads ‘I love you (I’m watching you)’, which he passes off as a prank. Then Damien calls round and Paddy thinks he’s done it. And then the crank phone calls start. Things start to get Paddy wound up but luckily Damien is there to calm him down and so we get to the real nitty-gritty of the scene, two hulking hard buddies making out together.
It starts with gentle kissing and undressing, but while that is happening the voyeur is setting up his camera and spying in. We know that he is going to be able to see everything as Damien goes down on paddy’s rock hard cock and nearly chokes on it as Paddy fast-fucks his mouth. Paddy, naked, muscled and hard as a plank of wood, gets Damien’s cock out, jerks it for a while as he plays with it and then starts to explore the hunk’s ass. And all this is being watched through the window by our voyeur.

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Damien takes Paddy’s cock like his ass was made for it. He bends over the table, he sits on it while stroking his own impressive meat and then he gets down on his knees and worships it some more with his mouth. In that position he jerks and sucks Paddy hard, fast and yet near silently while Paddy cums in his mouth. Damien licks up every last drop of the stuff and lets it dribble from his mouth as he squirts his own load in a really dirty, horny climax.

And the voyeur is still watching, and it looks like he has a camera in the room, and Paddy knows there is going to be more of this staking to come. (To be continued…)