Mar 31 2014

Men Of Uk Groupsex with Dato Foland , Leo Domenico and Paddy O’Brian

OK, so we’ve got a couple of those horny Men Of UK guys in a car, in an urban, underground car park, following a lead. (If you’ve not seen the other parts of this series it doesn’t matter too much, but you will want to check them out after you’ve seen this one.) Paddy O’Brian is there with his Vinny Jones accent and his hunking good looks, and he’s with sexy Leo Domenico. They find the voyeur’s lair and realise that not only has this guy been spying on Paddy but there are photos and cameras and all kinds of surveillance equipment. It’s creepy and upsetting, and the voyeur is on his way.

This stalker has a real problem and Paddy and Leo want it explained, so when Dato Foland turns up as the stalker there’s a confrontation. What does he want? Well, it’s pretty obvious isn’t it? He wants to have sex with Paddy (and who doesn’t?). So, if he promises that his will be the end of it, Paddy and Leo will give him what he wants.

That’s a long intro to a very hot scene, but it’s one of those series where build up characters and stories and it make a nice change from the usual wham-bam thank you sir porn videos we see. This one develops into a three-way with these top tops, and hunks. There’s a section so sensuous stripping down and kissing, with the three guys working each other together, at the same time. Dato gets what he wants and gets to suck both hard cocks as the middle-guy, stroking one while sucking the other. He gets on all fours and shows off his smooth hard butt which Paddy rims while Leo gets more cock attention.

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You just know that Paddy is not going to resist that cute ass for very long and he’s soon sliding his cock in to the stalker’s ass and spit-roasting him with Leo at the other end. The two tops change positions and Leo gets to stab the stalker, hard and fast now, pushing his head up and down on Paddy’s hard shaft. It all builds to a messy climax with the three guys in a jerk-off together and shooting together but with Dato cumin onto a photo of Paddy. And then, in a nice little twist, Paddy gives him a gift he’s never going to forget. But you really will have to go and watch the scene to see exactly what that is.

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