Dec 15 2014

X Confession

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It’s not going to be long now before super-stud Paddy O’Brian takes over the spot of ‘most movies made for a network.’ With 56 hardcore scenes now under his belt he’s catching up with some of the other exclusive models, in fact he is currently ranking third, with only Colby Jansen (69 scenes) and young Johnny Rapid (122 scenes –gulp!) ahead of him. That goes some way to showing how popular this Brit boy is. And I know he is a British porn model because of his accent. At the start of this scene, ‘X Confession’ he firmly states that you either love him or hate him, you either love his accent or hate it. You need to listen, when you head over to Gods Of Men in a moment (which I highly recommend you do) and check him out. I’d say it was South London – the accent I mean – possibly Essex, but definitely south of England and with a London bias. Close your eyes and think of England!

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So, in this scene Paddy appears with Goran. Now, Goran is a hardcore porn guy who pops up in these movies from time to time. He’s appeared in four in 2012 and three in 2013, and two in 2014. Looks like he may only appear in one next year, if thex2 law of diminishing returns works out. Let’s hope not ‘cos we can’t get enough of this grey haired, blue eyed, uncut stud. And actually, the fact that he hasn’t made that many movies is kind of fitting. This scene ‘X Confession’ comes from the site, ‘Gods Of Men’ and they only make movies for that site when there are movies worth making. By which I mean, when there is hot chemistry and when there are hot models available to make them.
And sure enough, we have the hotter than hot Paddy O’Brian (who we love by the way; I mean, what’s there to hate?) and the super studly Goran in a dreamy, sex-only movie that has no intro apart from some talk from Paddy. That’s the love me or hate me intro, and it is voiced over the two hunks kissing tenderly. Another thing that GOM does well, it takes hunky hardcore guys and puts them together in dreamy, erotic and sensual movies, a nice contrast leading to hot scenes. The guys here are still kissing and exploring each other’s bodies while taking breaks for Goran to go down and suck on Paddy’s hard cock. In fact Goran uses his month to explore most of Paddy O’Brian as he licks his shaft, his nuts, and then trails his tongue down and around his ass. Paddy is man enough to live out his deepest fantasies, and being fucked by this hulk is one of them, so he offers up his ass willingly.

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He’s also a pretty vocal star so you gets lots of erotic grunts and groans, murmurs of approval and gasps as Goran licks him, and sucks him and then finally penetrates his British ass. Paddy’s in the classic missionary position at the start of this ass-fuck section of the movie, but soon moves into other positions. We travel around their bodies as the two guys fuck and buck and then, much later, swap roles. It looks like Goran is not as used to taking dick in his ass as Paddy is as Paddy O’Brian fucks him slowly, carefully almost, and doesn’t drill him all the way in, so as not to split him. But the other guy does soon give way and the feeling of that hard British cock in his as soon brings him to orgasm. Paddy cums too and the scene finishes back where it started: Paddy O’Brian and Goran kissing.

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Apr 28 2014

Andrea Suarez and Paddy O’Brian at Gods Of Men

You might remember that a little while ago we took a look at the first scene from a new series from Gods Of Men, one of the new, hot sites. If you recall, this was a scene that took place in a room, on a bed, and left me wondering what the Suite of the title was all about. Well, here comes part two and it follows along in a similar vein as part one: same room, same bed, but now with Paddy O’Brian, a veteran of Men dot com movies, and newcomer Andrea Suarez appearing in his first movie.

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The scene starts with a split screen, nice music and excellent light, as we have come to expect from this company, and with Paddy and Andrea lying side by side on the bed in their underpants., You can see that they are already hard and ready to go, but things start slowly and sensually. There are some words of love, some gentle stroking of hard bodies, kissing, and great tenderness which looks to be completely real and non-acted. Andrea is muscled and cute, with a firm body and a large cock. Paddy is pretty similar in build and looks so when the two guys start stroking each other’s cocks, you get two perfect porn star models making out as if they were genuine lovers.
The making out moves on to some hot oral with Andrea making it clear that he is going to be the subservient one in this pairing. He works his mouth and throat down on Paddy’s hard cock for a while, like he’s worshiping it, and then lets Paddy oBrian see his ass. And what an ass; tight and round, with a cheeky pair of lips tattooed on a cheek, inviting you closer, not that you need any invitation to bend down and kiss it. Which is exactly what Paddy does, and more than lick it, he rims his boy out good and long getting his hole wet and ready.

Even the penetration and anal part of this scene is sensitive and loving and it’s a great moment when Andrea gives up his ass to be fucked for the first time on film. You are about half way through the scene at this point, so there is still plenty of horny hardcore time left as the two studs buck and fuck in all manner of positions. They keep up the tender kissing and genuine love making style and there is no dodgy dialogue here. It’s a brilliant hardcore movie that’s handled in a very erotic way that includes two fantastic cum shots. The scene ends with Paddy about to tell a very naughty story, which leaves us panting for part three.

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